Friday, April 13

ARCOM Workshop 3 - Easter LOs

LATER EDIT: Added Livia's creations, scroll down to the photos ;)

Hello everyone,

Im back, as i promised, with photos from yesterday. Yesterday i did something for the 1 st time in my life: i created outdoors and away from home ;). We met at 12Doispe, our perfect guest, and even though initially we were thinking to stay in, we felt we needed more light and so we moved "in the backyard" - my favorite yard there, as they have 2 ;). It's a place with a great chi, where i feel i can just enjoy everything and forget about the world for a bit :). You know how that is, right? Extremely relaxing, yes. So we found a lower table and we filled it with all our supplies, it was a first for me, but i enjoyed it extremely much: good chi, good company, good music - what more could one wish for?
I did not have the time to create 2 LOs, i had an idea i wouldn't, but i will give it a go home. We left in a bit of a hurry, kid were hungry, food was getting cold, so we forgot to take a photo with the 3 of us and our creations. But i will manage to get hold of them and be back at you.
So, without further ado, here is what happened yesterday:
Me and my sister's creations

Livia's creations:

Our cool guest is into scrapbooking

Not really EASTER-ish our pages, but 2 of the photos used in the pages were taken at Easter, so it counts ;). Will get back with Livia's creations, she managed to make 2 pages, unbelievably quick she is ;).

And, as i like to plan ahead, here is our next FABulous workshop:

Until then, i wish you all a great and creative weekend!

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