Wednesday, April 11

Catch me if you can - 2

Right, it's almost ending, and im sorry, but with the Easter holidays and all, I did not really have the time to write a blog post, just for Instagram. Im talking about our current exhibition at 12 Doispe, the bar where I also have the scrapbook workshops every other Thursday. We already had the 1st part of the exhibition - the idea is for each of us to showcase 1 creation and to let them be there for 1 week. Right now you can find us there with the 2nd part of the exhibition, which, by the way, we don't know yet how many parts it will have ;). This is it for now:
As soon as tomorrow we will have our next ReCreative Workshop, when we will create Easter layouts with photos taken either this year or earlier. Im so looking forward to it. I will of course get back with photos from the event.

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