Saturday, April 28

"Catch me if you can" 4 la 12Doispe

Hello dear friends!

It's Saturday evening and i knew i had something more to tell you at about the same time i posted about the latest ReCreative Workshop - for which, btw, you can read the most honest and objective review here ;). And what i forgot then is the 4th part of our ongoing exhibition "Catch me if you can". 2 more creations are on exhibit at 12Doispe, our cool host, and the one made by Magnus has a special story, because is for charity - the same cause as in January. To be more precise: it's for the same 2 kids, Gabi and Alberto, and their family, but this time the goal is to offer them some decent housing. Right now they (6 persons) live in a room without heating, hot water and sometimes even without any food. Despite all this, they go to school and they are fantastic. We got attached to the kids and are willing to do what we can to help any action that Mihai, our friend from the Swedish Embassy in Romania, has started to help them. For this purpose Magnus has made some paintings and he put 2 up for sale: one of them is for sale for Magnus' friends in Sweden and this last one is being sold for 250 RON:

...and here are the 2 together:
Im actually thinking to put mine for sale as well, for the same cause: 450 RON

Hope you like what you read and see and hope you have a great weekend. It's all work here all the way to 2nd of May. But we will manage to relax some as well, i promise ;). 
I will be back soon with details about the next ReCreative Workshop.

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