Monday, April 23

Scrapbooking Earth Day

Hello, happy scrappy peeps!

Yesterday was Earth Day and i did celebrate it, just so you know ;). I will be very short and say that i will recycle and throw the garbage selectively every time i can. I first learned about the waste separation in Sweden, where i was happy to do that, feeling that i really did something for the environment and in the end for myself, of course. That's the whole point that we have to understand: we only do it for ourselves, for a better, healthier future for our children, for them to breath a cleaner air. Isn't that important?
Getting  back to yesterday: it was an event that was supposed to happen on 22nd of February, the International Scouts Day, but, if you remember, i was being cold then and could not attend. I took my "revenge" now and celebrated Earth with 20 scouts between 7 and 14 yo, on a beautiful sunny day, by scrapbooking with scraps ;). We created an album page on the same theme "Me and nature, in spring". Im always impressed to discover hidden talents in boys that would like to become journalists but they have an eye for colour and design. Or in gurls that do performance athletics in their free time, but are also passioned about making cards and they have their father buy them the supplies wherever they find them. I love to hear stories like these. Im not saying anything new here: but such talents, if wanting to develop in this direction, all they need is a bit of guiding. Not mine, obviously, im not an art teacher, but scrapbooking is definitely a way to discover themselves and their own talent. That's just my opinion :). 
Anyway, i leave you with the photos from the event, for you to feel the effervescence of the meeting. You find all the photos here. And i will tell you this: im looking forward to repeating the experience: are the scraps i brought: to feel that we recycle ;)

Now it's back to work for me ;). Until next time, probably Friday, let's all have an easy week!

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