Thursday, May 24

Redevenim COPII la urmatorul atelier ARCOM

Miercurea viitoare - ca o exceptie de la regula, avand in vedere ca 1 Iunie e zi libera - ne (re)vedem la primul atelier ARCOM al verii, unul la care ne vom simti din nou mai copii, mai fara griji ;).

Va fi un atelier pentru copiii de toate varstele. Iar parintii care vor sa vina cu copiii sunt bineveniti, ca de fiecare data: de data asta facem insa o exceptie si ignoram varsta minima de 14 ani. Asa ca puteti veni si daca copiii vostri au doar 7 ani (minim). Veti crea impreuna cu poze si alte produse specifice pe care noi le vom pune la dispozitie, si veti petrece impreuna momente minunate, iar la final veti pleca acasa cu o pagina de album memorabila, pe care o puteti inrama daca doriti.
Avem produse speciale pentru fetite si baieti, si iata cele 5 modele din care puteti alege. Ultima imagine din serie este o colectie de elemente asortate, de asemenea incluse in kitul fiecaruia.

Aveti timp sa ne lasati comentarii cu modelul ales pana marti, 29 mai ora 19.00Pana atunci, sa ne citim cu bine ;).

Friday, May 18

And we're back from Paris

La Atelierul ARCOM de ieri am fost 9, 6 creatori si 3 admiratori: oricine creeaza mai cu spor cand are admiratori, nu ;)? Stim ca atelierele sunt pentru oameni mari, dar cine ar putea oare sa refuze placerea copiilor de a crea? Mai ales ca putem sa si invatam de la ei sa ne dam frau liber imaginatiei.
Insa nu s-a facut doar scrapbooking ieri, pentru ca Magnus a pictat: si nu e usor sa pictezi in afara atelierului propriu, credeti-ma. Deci a fost un atelier unic. 
Copilasii nu sunt pentru prima oara acum la atelierele ARCOM: ne-am mai intalnit o data acum 2 saptamani, total neplanuit si am pus de un atelier ad-hoc, pentru ca s-a nimerit ca eu sa am materiale la mine, ceea ce nu s-a intamplat niciodata pana atunci si nici de atunci incoace :). Atunci am creat cu ei felicitari-sevalet si cand ne-am mutat la alta terasa le-a venit cheful de creat din nou. M-am simtit in al 9-lea cer :).
Iar ieri una din fetite a creat nu una, ci doua pagini de album, si amandoua superbe.
Pe langa copii, am avut si 2 adulti veniti in premiera la atelier si care s-au relaxat destul de bine si au si creat 2 pagini pe care acasa vor monta fotografia de care au uitat ;).
A fost un atelier plin de energie, voie-buna, relaxare si creatii minunate, de la care sper ca toata lumea a plecat putin mai relaxata decat era cand a venit.
Urmatorul atelier va fi miercuri, 30 mai, si tema va fi una dulce de tot: nu, nu prajituri, cookies si alte delicii culinare. Ci copilaria: veniti deci cu poze fie de cand erati voi copii, fie cu copiii vostri, si vom crea din nou pagini care va vor binedispune instant imediat ce le veti privi.

Pana atunci, sa ne citim cu bine!

Tuesday, May 15

Next ARCOM workshop takes us to Paris

That's right, on Thursday we will take an(other) trip to Paris, this time imaginary.
And i say "another" because we will create scrapbook pages with photos we took in Paris, and so this workshop will bring us a lovely reminisce of that gorgeous trip. For very many Paris means honeymoon and everything romantic, so it will be a lovely page, especially full of meaning for them.
Those who don't have photos from Paris don't need to worry: i will be there to show them how to make an inverted easel-card with a very chic, Parisian design and feel :).
Credit: Google Images

Everyone has to chose between these 4 designs:

and tell us their choice via comment/message, until tomorrow evening. Everyone who will create layouts is welcome to bring anything they have left from their trip: maps, tickets (museums, train, concerts) - these will only enrich their final creation and add extra value to their memories.
We will meet on Thursday 18:00 at bar 12Doispe, and until then i wish you all a great time, filled with color and joy!

Saturday, May 12

Scrapbooking @ Swimathon 2018

I told you i had more news for you. Already at the previous ARCOM Workshop i wanted to create a card for a project that "runs" @ Swimathon Bucharest this year, but i did not manage then, so i made 2 in the weekend instead.
I tried to keep to the water/swimming idea and included some summery and very colorful elements for everyone's delight. I will create 3 more, and they will all be for sale:
Yes, you got it right, it's about Gabi and Alberto, who you already know by now from here and hereThe goal with this project is to get them a decent house.
Well, without knowing the kids personally, only from what Mihai told us about them, and of course because i liked very much Mihai's idea, i got attached to the kids and felt i wanted to get involved now also. So i asked Mihai if the teams that swim for Gabi and Alberto would like to create some cards - that they will either keep or sell - as a way to help the kids a bit more. And he said yes - which made me very-very happy.
The cards on the inside contain some extra elements

Those who buy a card can put their photo from the event on the front cover

So, MixedMedia Vero will bring the supplies for 10-20 participants and on the 29th of June we will be on our way to Bucharest to take part in this cool event. I would have swam as well, only im not that quick so i might drag them behind and we don't want that, do we ;).
Well, that's all for now. 
"Talk" to you later. Have a creative day!

Wednesday, May 9

The updated LOs and the summer workshops

You know how you almost always feel like you really need to add something extra to your creation, especially when you are not home and you don't have all the supplies with you, right ;)? Which is the case when you create away from home: i for one, when i only go away for 2 hours, for our ReCreative Workshops, i only take what i think i really need.
Well, im like that too: when i get home i take some time to take another look at my creation and add whatever i feel it needs. So the last 2 LOs ended up looking different than previously.
To the FAB layout i only added some pearls: on the title, on the flowers and in the second title (top of the page):

here the pearls are more visible:

To the "Live, Love, Create" page i added some roses and some fussy cutting:

I like them better now and i will proudly add them to my new A4 album with scrapbooking pages, that is getting bigger with almost every workshop. "Almost" because every other workshop we create cards ;).
I will say "Buh-bye!" now and hope to meet you soon, both online and in real life at our ARCOM workshops. Because i have more to tell you and im trying to find the time to write about them all :).
Until then, i wish you all a lovely day!

Friday, May 4

100% FABulously Crafty layouts

Another ReCreative workshop took place yesterday and the theme should have been "Live, Love, CREATE". But 2 crafty gurls that missed the FABulous workshop from last week wanted to create some FABulous pages and so the theme was 2 thirds FAB and 1 third CRAFTY - all in all VERY CRAFTY ;).
We met at 12 Doispe, as usual, on the back porch this time, and felt mighty fine, also as usual. Leaving from there more relaxed than we were when we came ;). 
2 more cats joined us in creation, thinking they are also very fabulous ;).
Initially, i intended to create an easel-card for Swimathon, where Mihai from the Swedish Embassy and some more beautiful people are swimming for Gabi and Alberto, if you remember them. It's the same project i wrote about here. So, yes, i want and tomorrow i actually will create 1 easel-card for this project. 

And here is us with our creations:

Hope we spread a whiff of joy your way, so you will join us next time, when the theme is "Paris, je t'aime!".
Until then, let's have a lovely time!