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Christmas memories from the most wonderful time of the year

Hello everyone!

Hope you entered the New Year in health and happiness! And that you enjoyed your Xmas holidays. We had a lovely time and enjoyed every moment of these holidays, still do it actually :). Really, we are still listening to Xmas music (right now "I want a hippopotamus for Christmas"), because i feel i need to extend this cozy feeling for as long as possible. I know you get me ;).
I am a bit delayed, already since November i think. Back then i remember i created a Halloween album - as i said, late, it should have been ready on the 31st of October. Anyway, i submit it for a challenge in December, which guess what - was most likely meant for Xmas creations. But luckily i was admitted anyway.
Despite all the Xmas preparations, i made time for scrapbooking as well, i could not otherwise. Especially because my hubby had to get his sleep schedule back in sync, and so he slept some over the day. The structure base was ready even before Xmass, i think, but then the paper matting and all happened afterwards.
I felt i needed to make this album because i loved the paper collection. And so, once i decided, i started looking for a cool and challenging design. And i found it in Laura's Craft Zone - lately i basically create based on her designs. And this one is based on the Tim Holtz album. The only difference is the paper collection, of course, and the binding system.
So, without further ado, here is a photo collage and below you will find the video  walkthrou of the whole album. Enjoy!

I'll see you next time, with a lovely baby-girl album for 180 photos.

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