Thursday, April 25

Scrapbook, cookies and tea

It happened already a week ago, but i missed writing about it. Wanted to do it right after it happened and then i got lost in all the "have to's", especially with the Easter holiday being this weekend, it was really much to do. It still is. Maybe i did not manage to organize myself as well as before, but this year i really felt the time was not enough.
Anyway, it's the 1st workshop we organize at the tea shop this year. It was rather almost "accidental", or rather incidental? I don't know, you decide :)). We were there to ask if we could put up a poster about the workshops from the County Library, and then we poked in just to say "hello". It's "incidental", right ;)? Had an idea.
She, the owner of the tea shop that is, had the idea we could organize this workshop and so it happened. There were 7 Magnifics who created Easter cards, easel Easter cards. And 5 of them were...boys, yes! I think it's the 2nd time it happens to have more boys than girls at my workshops and it's always very interesting, because they act totally different. 
In the end, they were all very proud of their cards and their mommies were very amazed the boys managed  so well ;). The boys said they could use a pair of scissors better in kindergarten than now. Because meanwhile, in the last 4 years of school, they did not have any art classes or anything similar, where they could use their practical abilities. And they were a bit frustrated, not so much by the idea, but rather by the fact that now, when they are 10 yo, they have a harder time using a pair of scissors than when they were 6 yo. Very sad indeed. Anyway, i was happy to help them get over this small frustration in order to obtain these lovely cards. And what can be more important for me than seeing them and their parents proud and happy. Nothing, really! 
Here they are bragging a bit, at the very end ;). 

And here's the video of the workshop, with sound ;). Enjoy!

Happy Easter, everyone!

Friday, April 19

Easter cards - from modern to vintage

Hello everyone!

It feels like it's been more than 2 weeks since my last post. Glad it's not.
On Wednesday we had another workshop at the Public County Library here in Craiova, and we made Easter cards, since it's Easter soon, right. So we had 4 participants of almost all ages, who chose to create 1 a vintage card and the rest created in modern style. 
It was very fun, nice and...rewarding. I guess this is how you know you love doing something: when you feel fulfilled/rewarded every single time you do it. And i do.
So, before i show you the pics, i will let you know that we will take a break of 2 weeks: 1 because of Easter and the next because of 1st of May. And so we will meet again on the 8th of May to create Easter album pages with pics taken during the Easter holiday.
And of course to wish you all a Happy Easter, filled with joy and harmony, warmth in your heart and love.
Fully creative process


All the finished cards

For more pics, watch this:

Thursday, April 11

Family is ALL

Wouldn't you agree? I mean, after health, cause that is indeed of the most paramount-est importance! Well, yesterday's workshop was all about family and and friends, since they are the family we choose for ourselves. I made 2 layouts for the workshop, only i did not manage to finish them because i realized 2 pics had the wrong direction: landscape vs portrait. So i need to pick 2 others, but that will be done, don't you worry.
But all this aside, we managed to create 2 wonderful layouts yesterday and all with only my verbal help. Our youngest (only 6,5 yo she is) and steadiest member did a fantastic job. I was very excited about her result, really. But most importantly, she was very proud and is already looking forward to next week when she will create her 1st scrapbooking Easter card.
My dear hubby scrapbooked for the 1st time ever, but instead of a photo he used a drawing he made, because this guy draws a lot and wonderfully so.

The 4 layouts we made

                                             The 2 stars of the day
The youngest star

The oldest star and his little helper ;)

The 2 stars of the day, in full creative process

The star and me

Im so looking forward to the next workshop, when the participants will be able to choose their favorite style: modern or vintage. Here is a lovely Easter vintage card that Nadia, my dear friend, created last year. And some of the decorations we will use on our cards. 


Hope you enjoyed this article and know that you are more than welcome to join us. Until next time, all the best to you!