Thursday, May 16

Pet shop easel-cards...inversed

Hello everyone!

We are back from yet another scrapbooking workshop - this time dedicated to our favourite pets. Not to make things too complicated - the more options we have, the more difficult it is to make a choice - we went for the classics, and so the kids had to chose between their cats and their dogs. We made oblique easel-cards. And it was a first for all of them, but one of the girls was especially eager to make this card. Why one of them? Well, it's a...short story :)). And since it's so short, i will share it with you. 
Teo, 'cause that's the name of the girl, was one of the 2 girls who took part at the tearoom-workshop we had back in April. And then the plan was to create this type of card, but somehow we ended by making the classic easel-card. Which Teo, like everyone else, was happy and proud with. But she still ended up by asking why they don't look the same? Well, you know what i mean when i say that now, when she came to her next workshop, it had to be this card and no one other. Kids don't forget easily ;). And now she was happy - like she finally received something that was promised to her for too long. I was only too happy to "oblige", of course :). 
They were all very glad and proud of their cards and themselves, of course. Irina, our steadiest "client" (only 7 yo) amazed me yesterday when she said "when we go home after every scrapbooking workshop, we are...bigger". So right she is.
Well, that's the story about yesterday's workshop. So here are some photos from yesterday:

Next workshop will be dedicated to Children's Day and we will create cards again - a card they saw yesterday and fell in love with: they saw in it a house that you can close and in which you can put your dolls and your favorite things. The paper will be especially chosen so it matches their age and dreams.
Felicitarea inchisa si....                         ...deschisa

So, with this i leave you and wish you all a lovely weekend!

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