Saturday, May 4

JMS's 1st sculpture exhibition

Hello everyone!

Im back again with news from these last days. It's been a very eventful and creative Easter holiday. I will be very honest and say that i did not really managed to finish all the cleaning that i had planned (did not manage to wash the curtains), but managed to do the cooking, so at least we did not starve for Easter, lol. 
Our main activity during Easter was to create. Well, my hubby more than me. He is very creative as it is. But recently he discovered he is excited by sculpture. And im very glad that he found something to excite him, it's very important, as we all know. So in the last 2 months he dived into sculpture and managed to create around 10 pieces. He offered 1 or 2 and he had 8 left. Actually just 5. The last 3 he made especially for the exhibition he had on 2nd of May at the tea shop. Same tea shop where i had my last scrapbooking workshop.
It was a very nice event to which mainly creative people took part: music, painting, photography, mixedmedia and scrapbooking. The energies were flowing, good ones of course. It was all perfectly perfect. We had a small contest as well, where the participants had to guess correctly all the names of the sculptures. The prize was a scrapbooking album (last pic in the slide) that contained the photos below. The winner was another creative person, who draws very nicely and who was very excited by her prize. She plans to take photos of her favorite drawings and include them in the album.
And now i will just let you with the creations and the short slide i made, with sound mandatory ON. Enjoy and see you on Wednesday, at the next workshop!

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