Thursday, May 30

Zero help with their first album ever

...or at least from now on, I promise you. 
I actually did this before, like 4 years ago or so, and then the kids worked together with their parents. Now the kids - as young as 7 yo only - only have me. And i must admit i help them when they feel they can't perform specific tasks, the more precise ones. But next time we start with decorating the albums, so that should be fun and i will let them do it all by themselves. And some of the papers might be crooked, but the satisfaction will be much greater than if i would have helped them with everything. After all, this is just the beginning, only their 1st album ever, and they are so young.
This is a slightly updated version of the classic flip-album. Because i always wanted to be able to put it in a standard envelope and send it. And so i updated the size to fit in a standard envelope. And this is the version we will create. So that, for Christmas for example, they can make new ones and send them to their dear ones.
I will let you take a look at the photos, bearing in mind that this is just the basic structure of the album, with no pattern papers in it, so it might look a bit boring for now. But i promise you they will look much more exciting next week ;).

And here's the video, with sound ON mandatory ;).

Until next time, have a lovely time!

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