Wednesday, June 26

O vara de voluntariat la Biblioteca Judeteana

Vara asta pentru mine va insemna voluntariat la maxim. In fiecare zi de miercuri si joi, timp de 2 luni, in iulie si august, ma veti gasiti la Biblioteca Judeteana. 

Din primavara asta, cand am inceput atelierele de scrapbooking, m-am indragostit de atmosfera de acolo. Si nu doar atat, dar mi-a reinviat si mai mult placerea de a-mi impartasi cunostintele cu cei interesati, respectiv pasionati. Asa ca m-am inscris la voluntariat. Voi fi acolo pentru cursurile de franceza si suedeza, pe de o parte, si pentru atelierele de scrapbooking pe de alta parte.
Pentru suedeza inscrierile s-au incheiat deja si s-a inregistrat un interes incredibil. S-au format 2 grupe, una de 10-14 ani unde s-au inscris 16 copii, iar cealalta de liceeni, studenti si adulti - 12 persoane. Cursurile de suedeza incep miercuri, 3 iulie, cand copiii vor studia in intervalul, 16.00-17.00, iar ceilalti de la 17.00 la 18.00. Ne vom intalni la American Corner. Materialele specifice sunt oferite de Scoala de Suedeza.

Cele de franceza vor avea loc la Ludoteca si incep de joi, 4 iulie, ora 10.00. Inscrierile pentru cursul de franceza sunt inca in curs, pana vineri 28 iunie.
Ambele cursuri sunt pentru incepatori, evident.
Atelierele de scrapbooking gratuite pentru copiii de 7-14 ani vor avea loc tot joia, imediat dupa cursul de franceza. La aceste ateliere vom crea pagini de album personalizate, pe diverse teme: Vacanta de vara, Prietenii mei, a 2-a mea  familie, Viata la tara/bunicii mei, Dance/Sport 4 Life etc. La fiecare atelier copiii vor putea aduce cate o poza personala pe tema respectiva, iar acasa isi vor putea inrama creatiile. Toate materialele sunt incluse.
Sunt atat de incantata si abia astept sa inceapa cursurile si atelierele. Nu va fi usor, dar satisfactia va fi mult superioara efortului, cred eu.

Tot miercurea, de la 18.00 la 19:30, timp de 9 saptamani, ne vom intalni la atelierele de scrapbooking. Aici materialele specifice sunt oferite de noi cei de la Atelierele COMCRAFTY si vom crea de fiecare data ceva unic si deosebit de frumos, pe diverse teme, de ex: A venit vacanta🎉!” / ”Live, love, CREATE!”🎨 / ”Iubesc sa citesc”📜/ ”Prietenii mei – a 2-a familie”🥤🏸/ ”Anotimpul preferat”🐛☀️☔️⛄️ / ”Bunicii mei / Viata la tara”🦆 / ”Dance, dance, dance! / Sport 4 life”💃🎾 / ”Vine toamna, bine-mi pare”🍁🍄. Vom crea felicitari cu format unic, pagini de album personalizate A4 (cu poza personala, acasa pot fi inramate), albume personalizate complexe (create pe parcursul mai multor ateliere), iar plata se face in avans pentru 3 ateliere.

Cred ca am spus tot ce era de spus. 
Ne vedem la Biblioteca, deci, incepand de pe 3 iulie ;).

Thursday, June 13

School is over, scrapbooking is forever

Hehe, that sounds a bit pretentious, right? But true, nevertheless. Hihi! 
Yesterday we had our last "school workshop", when we also finished our flip-albums. As you will see from the photos, one of the girls managed to break her wrist poor her, but courageous enough to still come to the workshop. And she did not want any help either. Moreover, she helped her younger sister to finish her own flip-album. And what is more important for me is that they were all so happy with the result. Teo, who came once before to the workshop and who subscribed to the summer-workshops as well, came yesterday as well and created her first album page ever. And she was wow-ed about it. That's one of the things  love most about these workshops: the awe and amazement that i see in their eyes, at first, and then the enthusiasm to create whatever i show them - and of course they go for the most difficult ones. And so now Teo is looking forward to her own first flip-album, that she will create during summer.

So, im really thankful to everyone who encouraged me, to those who kept coming from the 1st workshop to the last one, and to those who joined later and kept coming even with their arms in cast. Im more than excited about the summer workshops and i hope so are the kids who subscribed. And more importantly - that they will like what we do there and keep coming. We plan to approach cool themes and i think they will be very excited.

Will get back with details when i have some. Until then, have a lovely time!

Friday, June 7

Their 1st album ever - II

On Wednesday we continued working on our first album ever - the updated flip album. Updated how? I mean how can one update a flip album? Isn't it perfect as it is? Of course it is. Only, over time, i felt the need to send it to my dear ones, in a standard envelope. And i did not think about it before i started creating it. Only when it was done. And it was too big, of course. But now, for the workshop, i remembered this and updated the size so the kids can send it to their dear ones if they want. And if until now i did help them - like i said here - this time i let them cut the papers by themselves - and here im talking about the young ones, no more than 7 yo, who don't yet have a steady hand or patience to cut papers  and stick them down straight. Not like a 10 yo, for example. The difference is visible. But this is why they come to the workshops and this is what they gain: precision, patience, stability etc. Among other abilities.
This time we had an extra guest, a member of the Library's staff, who is also into handmade. And she wanted to create an album for her grand-daughter. Also, one of the girls missed the workshop itself, but she came for the photo shooting, and you gotta love that.
So now im leaving you with them and i hope you enjoy:

And for this one you have to put the sound ON: