Tuesday, July 23

Scrapbooking-ul estival e-n toi

A avea un hobby este o adevarata binecuvantare pentru oricine, mai ales in zilele noastre, cand stresul atinge cote alarmante inca de la varste fragede. Ca o concluzie a faptului ca faci ceea ce te relazeaza in timpul liber, ajungi treptat-treptat sa vezi viata in culori mai "relaxate" ;). Si toata lumea stie ca pentru ceea ce iti place cu adevarat intotdeauna vei gasi timp. Asa ca, daca nu ai deja un hobby, gaseste-ti unul cat mai repede! Si nu gandi ca daca nu l-ai gasit pana acum, e deja prea tarziu. Stii ce se spune "Niciodata nu e prea tarziu". Eu si hobby-ul meu ne-am gasit acum 10 ani in Suedia. Este si motivul pentru care am inceput sa scriu pe blog. 
Scrapbooking-ul este un hobby care chiar ma pasioneaza: iubesc hartia, dintotdeauna am iubit-o, imi place s-o simt: textura, grosime, culoare si chiar miros, mai ales daca e mai veche si a prins acea aroma dulceaga a cartilor ingalbenite de trecerea anilor. Stiti despre ce vorbesc, nu ;)? 
Apoi imi plac culorile, sa le asortez, sa le gasesc cele mai potrivite combinatii. 
Si, bineinteles, imi place ideea scrapbooking-ului: de a crea pagini si albume personalizate. De aceea simt ca nu as putea renunta niciodata la hobby-ul meu. Ador sa creez albume. 
Si, prin extensie, sa imi impartasesc pasiunea cu cei interesati sau chiar pasionati la randul lor. In cazul meu copiii, care sunt talente in stare pura. De aceea am considerat ca ar trebui sa organizez aceste ateliere si pe timpul verii. Intram deja in a 4-a saptamana si copiii sunt de-a dreptul incantati, ceea ce pe mine nu face decat sa ma motiveze.
Cream saptamanal, alternativ: cate o felicitare cu format unic si apoi cate o pagina de album personalizata. Maine e randul sa cream pagini pe tema dansului, respectiv sportului. Copiii aduc o poza si noi decoram in jurul ei. Abia astept ziua de maine. Dar pana una-alta, va prezint un slideshow de la atelierul de miercurea trecuta, cand am creat felicitari sevalet-inversat cu titlul "Live, Love, CREATE!". Au iesit incantatoare:

Pana data viitoare, va urez tuturor o vara...asa cum v-o doriti ;)!

Saturday, July 20

Volunteering = Joy & Satisfaction

The 3rd week at the Country Library is already over and i can't say that i felt it, not as an effort in any way. To really feel it i would probably need to be there EVERY day. But as that's not really possible, i have to declare myself satisfied with this. And of course i am. It's my 1st year as a volunteer at the Library and, if possible, next year i will do it again. The satisfaction of teaching the children the things you know and enjoy doing is beyond words. Especially when you can see that they are learning and progressing. That means that you reached your goal: transferring your joy over to them, whatever that is: Swedish, French, scrapbooking...whatever. At this age they need to be presented with many options, so they can chose what they enjoy most and follow that path. And, personally, except the fact that i brought something completely NEW with the Swedish courses and the scrapbooking workshops, im satisfied because the participants seem to really enjoy it.
Many kids are taking part to a course after another: in my case, after Swedish and French they stay for scrapbooking. And on Thursday we did some lovely cards that i praised them for.

Just 2 thirds of the artists
The rest were waiting for their creations to be taken photos of

Most of them asked me if they should dedicate the cards to their moms, this is why at the end of the workshop i was very surprised when one of the girls offered her card to me. I was very moved but i could not help asking if she's sure it's for me and not for her mum. She, shy as they are at this age, insisted more in gestures that in words, and i understood only when i read what she had written on the card: "for the best French teacher" - i would have never dreamed to get such a praise and her gesture moved me to tears.
Sophia`s praise

The French course

From the Swedish course

Im looking forward to next week, when we will learn new things both in Swedish and French and create scrapbooking pages about friends and friendship. Until then enjoy your holiday and..."talk" soon.

Wednesday, July 10

The Avincis picnic - enjoying the little things in life

About 3 weeks ago, although it already feels longer, i got an invitation from my friends Yuki and Xaara, to join them on a trip to AVINCIS - a famous local wine producer. My friends have been there before and they described the place so nicely that i was mesmerized. From what Yuki described, i felt like being back in Tuscany, and i did not even need to close my eyes. I love Tuscany so much that i said to myself "i will not hesitate to go there, should i get the opportunity". And, what would you know, about 2 weeks later the opportunity arose. To go to Avincis, not to Tuscany. Hehe!!!
So i embarked myself on the bus, together with all the bloggers that were invited to the "party". I was looking forward to a calm, relaxing day, full of lovely sights, nature, nice people, music, dance and interesting things to find out about our region and this wine producer of which i know since a was a kid. From my father, who, as an engineer, was involved in building their wine cellars back in the day (before 1989), i know that their red wine is a strong one ;). But i usually go for the rose and white wines, and always the half-sweet ones. Im a "girl", what can i do?! Even so, i bought 2 bottles of dry rose wines when i left from the picnic, because i liked it too much and i could not miss the opportunity.
Now the time came to write about the experience. I knew already then how i could integrate this event in the specificity of my blog - which is a niche one, where i write about my hobby, scrapbooking and mixed media, and the workshops i organise. But one can scrapbook about anything, literally. 
Now, with such a full summer - all the courses and workshops that im involved in - i did not have the time to create an actual scrapbooking page about this. But i did make a digital one. The joy one gets during the creative process can not be compared to the digital process, but it was enough to wake up the memories from the day. However, reading around the other articles that my fellow bloggers wrote, i feel like they all graduated from some high literature school - kudoz to all of you. I've never been talented in expressing myself poetically, probably this is why i specialized in technical translations. But i guess my talent went somewhere else, as it seems i like to express myself more visually. 
Here is the page i created, in which i integrated some of the photos i took there. Hope you like it and that i managed to portray how nice i felt that day.

Monday, July 1

Scrapbooking Estival la Aman

Bineinteles ca, pe langa toate cursurile si atelierele din timpul acestei veri de voluntariat, nu puteam sa nu ma implic si in propriile mele ateliere de scrapbooking. Si aici s-a vazut ca e vacanta si ca parintii vor sa isi tina copiii relaxati in mod activ si re-creativ. 
Incepem de miercuri, 3 iulie ora 18:00, iar primul atelier va fi dedicat verii si vacantei, anotimpul preferat al copiilor, right ;)? Dar bineinteles ca am stabilit agenda pentru toate atelierele de pe timpul verii. Si pot sa va spun decat ca la ultimele 4 ateliere, cele din august, vom crea albume pe tema toamnei...pentru ca le terminam chiar in prag de toamna, care este un anotimp atat de frumos si de colorat si de aromat, care merita celebrat. Si bineinteles ca la fel vor fi si albumele noastre. Divagand putin, o sa va dezvalui ca, incepand chiar de pe la 7 ani si pana pe la 30 de ani si putin, toamna era un anotimp care ma umplea de melancolie. Dupa ce am trecut de 30 de ani am simtit o "schimbare de paradigma", ca sa ma exprim pretentios :D. Nu stiu pe seama a ce sa pun aceasta schimbare radicala, dar am inceput sa iubesc toamna din ce in ce mai mult si nu mai sunt melancolica, ci din contra, ma simt plina de energie si prospetime. Iubesc toamna.
Revenind la oile noastre, cum zice francezul, la atelierele din vara asta vom invata sa cream felicitari cu format unic, pagini de album personalizate si albume complexe. Iar temele vor fi diverse si interesante, pentru copii si nu numai.
Va las aici cu agenda atelierelor din iulie si daca aveti intrebari, nu ezitati sa ma contactati fie pe pagina de FB, fie la telefonNe vedem pe 3 iulie, adica poimaine.

Pana poimaine, sa auzim numai de bine!