Wednesday, July 10

The Avincis picnic - enjoying the little things in life

About 3 weeks ago, although it already feels longer, i got an invitation from my friends Yuki and Xaara, to join them on a trip to AVINCIS - a famous local wine producer. My friends have been there before and they described the place so nicely that i was mesmerized. From what Yuki described, i felt like being back in Tuscany, and i did not even need to close my eyes. I love Tuscany so much that i said to myself "i will not hesitate to go there, should i get the opportunity". And, what would you know, about 2 weeks later the opportunity arose. To go to Avincis, not to Tuscany. Hehe!!!
So i embarked myself on the bus, together with all the bloggers that were invited to the "party". I was looking forward to a calm, relaxing day, full of lovely sights, nature, nice people, music, dance and interesting things to find out about our region and this wine producer of which i know since a was a kid. From my father, who, as an engineer, was involved in building their wine cellars back in the day (before 1989), i know that their red wine is a strong one ;). But i usually go for the rose and white wines, and always the half-sweet ones. Im a "girl", what can i do?! Even so, i bought 2 bottles of dry rose wines when i left from the picnic, because i liked it too much and i could not miss the opportunity.
Now the time came to write about the experience. I knew already then how i could integrate this event in the specificity of my blog - which is a niche one, where i write about my hobby, scrapbooking and mixed media, and the workshops i organise. But one can scrapbook about anything, literally. 
Now, with such a full summer - all the courses and workshops that im involved in - i did not have the time to create an actual scrapbooking page about this. But i did make a digital one. The joy one gets during the creative process can not be compared to the digital process, but it was enough to wake up the memories from the day. However, reading around the other articles that my fellow bloggers wrote, i feel like they all graduated from some high literature school - kudoz to all of you. I've never been talented in expressing myself poetically, probably this is why i specialized in technical translations. But i guess my talent went somewhere else, as it seems i like to express myself more visually. 
Here is the page i created, in which i integrated some of the photos i took there. Hope you like it and that i managed to portray how nice i felt that day.

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