Sunday, August 11

My 1st December Daily album is ready now

About 2 weeks ago i was watching a lot of YT tutorials looking for Christmas albums. I would have liked to make one myself, but i did not really have the energy for know how it is. Anyway, after watching a good few tutorials, the whole Christmas mood settled in so much so that i was listening to Christmas music and all, and i could not wait to start with my album. It's kind of what they call "Christmas in July"? only for me it was a bit delayed. Never too late though, right? You guessed: i love Christmas and so far only once in my life i did not have the right mood when the moment came, and i dreaded that and i got so afraid thinking that im getting old in my soul. It felt terrible, i tell you. Luckily it did not happen any more, so i guess i consider myself really lucky like that.
Anyway, already last year i saw this album and after much consideration i decided to give this one a go. Because i tell you: i watched many others, with all kind of designs, but this one i liked the most. And it happened to be a "December Daily" album. Now, i have of course created Christmas albums before, but never a December Daily. And i love the concept. 
For those of you who don't know what it entails, "December Daily" albums are meant to include a page for every day of December, all the way to Christmas. On every page you are meant to include at least 1 pic with something you did those days. Every day, right. The idea behind it is to enjoy not only the Christmas time, but the whole month, to do something nice (for the others as well, right?) and to capture those memories. Because we forget so easily what we do from one month to the next. But with this album not only will you remember, but you will create lovely memories. Without wanting to sound sad, but as we grow  old our memories matter more and more. And when you store them in albums like this, all will be so much lovelier.
Getting back on track, first i wanted to make it for 9x13 pics, then i wanted to take away one of the 4 parts of the the end i decided that i better do it just like the original. Like with a recipe: you better do it according to the book first time, then you can adapt and add your own touch as much as you want.
A few pages of the album with the big pocket in the middle

So i started with the cover, to save what's best for last. I've always been like that: do first the "have to's" and save the fun for last. Here's how the cover looked at some point:
They say that prep-work is extreeeeemely important

It's one of the chunkiest albums i made: it has 23 x 17,5 cm with a spine of 10 cm. Extended it has 65 x 23 cm, so yeah, not a small one. It's almost totally done, i think i still want to add something to the spine, sort of a title, to recognize it on the shelf. It has space for minim 60 pics and i think it can easily take around 100 pics: on every page you can include 4 to 8 pics. If you include 8 in the end you get 64 only on the 12 pages. Let alone the covers and the pockets.

And this is how my album turned out, hope you like it:

The thing is that now i feel sad i finished it and i kind of want to start another one. You know how it is when you really love what you do: once you start you can not stop.
Anyway, i will let you know if i start another one. And now that im thinking about it, i guess the next one will be dedicated to our wedding: can you believe that last year we celebrated 10 years since we got married and i did not make an album? Shame, right? Well, now you know what i will do next. Hmmm, now starts the hunt for the perfect design! 
Wishing you all a cool and breezy summer...

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