Friday, April 24

Easter pages, handmade but online

I don't know, but it feels that i always find the titles for my blog articles easier than in Romanian. Strange, right?! But why? I can't explain. But this is why i think i will get back to writing the blog in English. And this is not the only reason...more about this later though, it's a kind of a surprise, so we will have to wait a bit longer.
As you know, we did not have the online workshop last week, with the Easter and all. But today we created album pages about that. We did not really have photos to put on the page, but at least the page is ready for when the photos will be printed. And like i said before, these will be the first Easter pages created during pandemic. So...that's historic scrapbooking for you.
Again, we had 2 sketches to chose from, 2 beautiful ones, but one more beautiful than the other, since Teo had it so easy to make a choice. And i so agree with her, i would have chosen the same:
Can you guess which one was Teo's favourite?

As per normal as per usual, Teo created with her mother, who helped a lot. Iris, Teo's younger sister, showed up too when she woke up from her "beauty" sleep - she is only 4, so she really grows when she sleeps.
Teo and mami

Now can you "guess" which was Teo's favourite sketch ;)? 
The page turned out pretty beautiful, right? The title means "#StayHome" - the perfect title for this page, i would say. I love the small circles' colours, they give so much life to the page, especially on this background.

So that's it for today. I will get back with 2 movies about 2 albums: 1 for Easter and 1 about fishing, which im very proud of and amazed as well. 
Take care until then and see you soon.

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