Saturday, May 2

Teo's inversed double easel-card & other crafty activities

I always forget, every single year, about the International Scrapbooking Day. Actually, it seems this day is so important that is celebrated twice: once internationally - on 4th of March. This is new for me too, to be honest i thought it was in May. But it seems i took the USA National Scrapbooking Day for the international one. In USA this day is celebrated in the end of April and beginning of May. Yes, imagine how crazy the Americans are after scrapbooking, since they allocate a full weekend to celebrate this beautiful hobby. Im so with them. 
Well, we did not plan it, but yesterday we celebrated this day by learning something new online. Since we started the online workshops, we only created scrapbooking pages based on sketches. Well, to be precise, for Easter we created cards (not pages). 
But now Teo wanted to create a new type of card and i promised i would come up with a model she would like. Here it is:
The inversed double-easel card open.........................................and closed

She had created the classic and the inversed easel cards before. But it's not easy to imagine how would a double inversed easel-card would look like. Even less so how to make it. 
She was excited about it and that brings me so much joy, every time. The card turned out gorgeous, as you can see.
Because Teo and Iris are both very creative, their mommy was inspired to get them some crafty goodies and to print some papers, so they can create while they have to stay at home:
Earth's Day love message for the Earth                     Easter-wreath with sentiments

Hope we inspired you to create something. Enjoy the process!
Until next time, take care and have...creative fun!

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